A Cat Named Skid

“Oh another cold night. No matter, I get plenty of heat up here next to this window.”

He got up from his slumber and let out a big yawn with a nice stretch. He sat and looked inside where he could see a girl watching him and smiling.

“Too many humans though. Yah you, go away will ya?” He meowed.

This only made the girl smile some more, she slowly opened up the window to see if she could gain his trust today. No such luck. As soon as the window moved, the cat leapt nimbly away to a banister where he looked back at the girl.  

“Don’t you touch me human” he hissed.

He leapt down the banister and down the stairs, then he ran until he was safely in the alleyway and on his way to find some food for the night.

“I don’t feel like eating these roaches tonight, lucky for you guys!” He taunted the roaches crawling down a garbage bin. They hardly even noticed him as they went about their own cockroach business.

“I wonder where Shake is tonight?” He thought. Shake was his companion up until he took a fish that she caught all for himself. He even bit her when she got angry and tried to take it back. “You jerk” she hissed at him as she ran away.

“Selfish of her not to even think of me. If she hadn’t reacted that way I wouldn’t have bitten her. She coulda caught another one eventually and she knows I can’t swim..” He shook his head as if to get these thoughts away and kept moving.

He stopped at another garbage bin at the end of the alley and crouched, waiting patiently for what he knew would come eventually. He could hear it then shortly after, that sniffing and squeaking. Rats from his favourite family to hunt. They all lived outside of this restaurant and there were loads of them. The Fat-Rats he called them. The name suited them. They spent their whole lives near this restaurant and guarded it fiercely from any rival families. They were enormously fat, especially the elders who preferred to stay home in their more advanced years. The younger ones could move quicker and it was their task to scout the area and bring the best food back to the elders, or risk being cast out.

One of these Fat-Rats was daring enough to venture out beyond the bin. This was where Skid was waiting, frozen and hidden behind a trash can. Only his tail flicking just slightly, his excitement was too much to bear. The little Fat-Rat stopped and sniffed up at the sky. He looked around the area and Skid was disappointed to see he was so young, he was not a real score. He had always wanted one of the REALLY fat ones that the rumors spoke about. But, this little fat one would have to do.  

It was at this moment where he pounced onto the little rat. All the other rats in the area fled instantly into hiding, and to no doubt report the demise of their family member to the others.

Skid had the little rat by the tail end, he felt like toying with him a little considering he was so easy to catch.

“Oh-no, oh-no-no-no..” he squeaked, “PLEASE don’t eat me master cat, I’m only little. I’m so so little”.

“Yes you are but that doesn’t matter, I’m sure you taste just as good as the others” Skid said.

“You ARE him then!” the little rat squealed as Skid pressed down on him.

“I am who?” Skid asked curiously.

“The cat the older ones speak to each-other about. You’re the reason they don’t go outside anymore” he squeaked.

“Go on then, tell me more” Skid relaxed his grip just a little.

“Well they act like it’s good for us to go hunting without them, like it builds character” the little rat said, “but I know it’s because they don’t want to risk getting their fat behinds eaten by YOU. So they send us out here to die instead, while they sit in the nest just getting fatter from the food we younger ones bring to them.”

“Ah.. fat you say?” Skid’s stomach was grumbling at the thought and the rat noticed.

“Oh, enormously fat! So fat they can hardly move!” the little mouse squeaked.

Skid thought he heard a gentle thump on-top of a nearby bin. He looked up to see that Shake was watching them, tail waving back and forth and purring.

Skid said nothing as she jumped down below and walked calmly around them. “You’re a big jerk, you know that Skid?” she said, “a selfish jerk. Ashamed of yourself? You should be. I should bite you right now and let your little prize get away.”

Skid was happy to see her. He would never admit it to her though, or that he had been feeling pretty lonely since she stopped coming around. He also knew that she wouldn’t bite him because he knew that she had heard everything his little catch had said. He also knew that she wanted in on what he had in mind.

“I’ll make it up to ya kitten” he purred.

“Yeah, well you better” she said.

He gave his catch a little squeeze again and said “well you are a small one aren’t ya? And I know you’re tired of being bossed around by those fatties back in your nest. If we can get our paws on two of those fatties, well then there’d be no reason to eat you then right?”

“Right you are master cat!” he squeaked, “but our nest is in a place you can’t get to, you’re far too big.”

“Little fat rat” Shake said still purring, “you’re going to go back to your nest and tell your fat elders that a human came and hit ‘master’ Skid here so hard that he will never be back. Dead for all you know. Then you’ll tell them that there is also fresh human food here which you found, too heavy to bring back. You will be a hero to them no doubt and they will have no reason to stay so hidden anymore.”

“Y-yes! Why, yes that should work! B-but I would need to show them some of the food to make them believe, at least a small bit.” he squeaked.

“Well now wouldn’t you know?” Shake purred, I found a whole box a fresh human food up here on this bin.”

She walked over to the bin the had been sitting on before and with a shake of her behind, she leapt up. She then knocked the box down and spilled its contents all over the ground. There was pizza and even some half eaten chicken wings.

The fat little rat’s eyes lit up with excitement. “Wow!” He squeaked.

“I will let you go now little fat rat..” Skid said. “What did you say your name was?”

“M-Mayo! My name is Mayo!” he squeaked.  

“Right then, Mayo, I’ll let ya go. BUT! If you’re not back here with those fatties soon, I’ll know you betrayed me. And I’ll make ALL your lives worse than ever. Instead of just me stalking around here, I’m gonna let every cat I see know about this place.”

“No! No need! You’ll see. I am tired of living under the rule of those fat tyrants! I will be back with them, you’ll see” Mayo squeaked. 

With this, Skid let go of Mayo. The little rat went to the box to grab a big chunk of pizza with a pepperoni on it and ran away to the wall where there was a hole in the foundation. Skid and Shake made their way to a good hiding place where these Fat-Rats could not seem them or get away.

Mayo must have been convincing. Soon enough, out poked the squinting head of a Fat-Rat so enormous, he had to push many times before he could squeeze his fat body out of the hole. He looked around at his surroundings. “Whats it look like out there Mustard?” one called from inside. “It looks quite safe Ketchup! Mayo spoke the truth! Look at that beautiful pile over there! It’s all ours!”

Who must have been Ketchup then squeezed their fat face out of the hole. Ketchup was so ridiculously fat that it took her even longer to get out of the hole than the one called Mustard. Once they were both out, they waddled as fast at they could towards the pizza box.

The two cats let the Fat-Rats eat as much as they could before they stalked over behind them. Then both cats took their respective prizes by the scruff of the neck and dragged them away.

Skid let Shake have the enormously fat Ketchup. “Not that you’ll be able to finish her in one go” he teased with his mouth full of the rat’s fat back.

They made their way back to one of their favourite hovels, safe and hidden. They purred as they ate the best meal they had in a long time together. It seemed like all was well between them, for now.

And as for Mayo, he led his family back out to feast on the pizza and wings. Everybody was happy and none of the other Fat-Rats questioned where Ketchup and Mustard had gone to. It was a time for change.

Skid was very pleased with himself. They were both so incredibly full that they could only lay with each-other, purring as the night went on. 


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