Trout of Doubt

Once upon a time, in a land much like our own, there lived a wise old owl.

This owl was considered to be wise by the rest of the forest animals, however, he considered himself to be of mild intelligence.

For instance, he was not able to fly left and only he seemed to notice. To make a left he had to turn all the way right until he circled to his left.

This, ironically, saved his life on more than one occasion.

Others thought things like this made him clever but to the owl, they were annoying disabilities.

He also had a speech impediment, his “WHO”s sounded more like “HOW”s.

This made the others to believe that he thought outside the box.

One day while the old owl was by the river bed, a trout swam by.

He called out to the trout since he was feeling lonely.

The trout came back and asked what was the matter.

The owl then told the trout about his problem in life. The rest thought him to be the wisest of all yet he though himself to be of mediocre intelligence.

“Why do you despair?” The trout asked with his troutly guttural voice.

“Most creatures who are thought to be wise are complete ignorant fools anyway. You are simply fulfilling your role to the others.”

With that, the trout gave a sharp turn and splashed the owl.

As the owl shook off the cold water he thought maybe the trout had a point.

But what do trouts really know anyway, so the owl flew off elsewhere.


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