Jesus of The Smoothie Stand

I had awoken. It had been foretold.

Where was I? Where were my Angels?

It mattered not.

I walked out of my tomb only to be met with darkness.

This was not how it was foretold, yet none-the-less, there was much work to be done.

It was a long walk down an empty hallway. I walked until I could see the light.

“Ah the light. It beckons me.”

I pushed a door handle and it swung open. I calmly walked out, hands stretched out, “your Sheppard has arrived my children…, ouff!”.

Somebody had bumped into me. It was a woman wearing a suit and glasses. Her satchel was knocked off of her shoulder and she looked me up and down, puzzled beyond belief.

I spoke, “my child! Rejoice! For I have come to..”

“I-I don’t have any change!” She blurted as she walked around me, “its just getting worse and worse around here..” she muttered as she walked away fixing her glasses and readjusting her satchel.

I stared, puzzled just as much as she as she walked away. I now had a chance to look around me. It was a busy street and more people kept walking past me. They were all on mobile devices and many had headphones. I spoke to them as they passed but they either ignored me or could not hear me. They were absorbed in their own business.

“My children. It may seem strange to you all that I have appeared here now, but this time has been foretold. I have come to bring salvation. I have come to bring redemption.”

Hardly any even glanced my way. The ones that did gave me dirty looks.

“Surely you have not forgotten my teachings? There is work to be done and the time is now. Hear me as..”

“Sir.” A man spoke. He was wearing a blue outfit.”Sir?”.

“Um.. yes my Son?”.

“Sir, you cannot pan handle here” he said.

“I.. panhandle? I am Jesus Christ. My coming has been..”

“Sir.” He cut me off, “that is very inappropriate and insensitive to peoples religious beliefs. Do you have somewhere else to go? You will have to move yourself down to the shelter. They can help you, you look like you could use a change of clothes, these rags you’re wearing are inappropriate sir. I will give you a warning now, but you will have to take yourself down to the shelter.” He spoke very sternly to me.

“My son. I..” I began. “Sir that’s enough” he cut me off again, “take yourself down to the shelter now or I will have to take you in handcuffs.”

“Tha-that wont be necessary my son. I.. uh.. Shelter? I..” I was at a complete loss for words at the moment.

“Its down this street sir, you take a right at Pilgrim Street and head down that way. You can’t miss it. It will say Salvation House on the front. Please move along sir.” He spoke as he dismissed me.

“I. Thank you.. my son”, still puzzled I walked away with the directions he gave to me. The people on the street avoided me. I was still at a loss for words as I tried to understand this world. This busy place yet nobody was looking at me.

I had arrived at Salvation House. There was a woman sitting behind a desk inside.

“Hello! Come in, welcome. My name is Amy and I would like to invite you in for a nice meal. Whats your name?”

“I am Jesus Christ my child. I have..”

“You poor dear” she cut me off as I spoke. “Do you have your medication? We can help you. Why those clothes are just rags and you don’t even have any shoes! Oh my..” She took my elbow and brought me with her. “We have plenty of room for you sir. Please do not upset the other guests, I know you must be confused, but you cannot simply go around calling yourself that.”

She brought me to a room. “We will help you get back on your feet. You can stay with us as long as you like. I would like to help you. Sometimes all people need is a chance.”

“I am.. I” I was once again at a loss for words.

“Please, have a nice shower and I have some nice clothes here for you. These should fit you just fine. Then you can come down for a nice meal.”

She was very nice. Yet she still did not seem to want to listen to me. Yet, I still did as she suggested. It has been a long slumber. I washed in the waters provided and wore the clothes she had given to me.

I was wearing a blue t-shirt which said ‘JAMMIN’!” and a red plaid button up shirt. I then put on blue jeans, socks and some shoes.

I went down stairs. Perhaps now that I was dressed in a different style I could get others to listen to me.

“Hello sir! Don’t you look lovely? My name is Joan, Amy asked that I bring you into the cafeteria and give you a nice meal, how does that sound?”

“I.. yes my child. I will break bread.”

“Lovely. Here you are” she left me with a tray. It had 2 peanut butter sandwiches, a box of grape juice and an apple.

There were others in the cafeteria and none of them would look at me or speak to me. Except one man who asked if I had any smokes.

“No my son I..” I spoke as he grunted and moved on.

Amy had come back and she brought me to a bunk where she said I could sleep. She would speak to me again in the morning.

I decided sleep would be best, so I went into a peaceful slumber.

When morning had come Amy spoke to me about a job opportunity she thought would suit me well. It didn’t involve much talking, they could pay me under the table and it could help me to get back on my feet again she said. She knew the owner very well and said she had a good feeling about me.

Later on that day, I was given a yellow apron and matching hat. All I had to do was ask what kind of smoothie they wanted, what size, and press a button on an appropriate pump. I would then hand it to a cashier.

I had been taking orders, at this point almost completely at a loss for words. Nobody seemed to want to hear my name. Look at me for too long or listen to what I had to say.

I watched my next customer approach, they read my name tag and looked into my eyes. They broke down into tears..

“Jesus?” They spoke softly.

“Yes my child. It is I.”



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