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9HomeWorlds is a creative project based in Ottawa, Canada by Carlos Eric. It incorporates greenwood working with a focus on spoon carving and also creative writing projects.

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I am active on several social media platforms, please see my GitHub links page to check out the various content that I make and share. You can also find ways to support me such as my Etsy spoon shop or my Amazon referral storefronts.

Recent Blog Posts

Handle Making Tips: Failures and Success

Handle making is a wonderful craft all on its own. It can be a plain and purely functional handle, or it can be as elaborate and artistic as can be. The best part is, you can always start over anytime.

My First Featured Articles in Canadian Wood Working Magazine

I have been featured in Canadian Woodworking Magazine along with a number of other talented Canadian spoon artists. They also asked me to write two articles to which I happily obliged. The first article is about kolrosing and the second is about sharpening spoon carving tools.

One of my recent YouTube videos
This particular TikTok video is at over 2 million views
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